Exterior Designing

The exterior design concentrates on the external appearance of buildings or structures. It includes your space’s shape and size, how it inserts into the surrounding and the impact it has on its site. US Exterior Designing provides you with commercial and residential exterior designs.

Commercial Designs

We bestow our clients with elegant and modern exterior designs for their commercial spaces ( Offices, Schools, Healthcare centers, .etc). A seductive exterior design can upgrade productivity. If you are an owner of an office related to real estate or sales, people will first judge you based on how your office looks from the outside. An executive look is as compulsory as being great at what you do. These design aesthetics are even more necessary when your business is just starting.

Elegant exterior designs include;

  • Exterior paths of travel to make easy access for the clients and employees to the building.
  • Exterior Doors
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Dynamic Shade and texture that grab the attention of Customers.
  • Smooth, Sleek design

It is not necessary to embellish a building with a lot of exterior decorative elements. The building looks powerful and imposing with very clean lines and little in the way of decoration.   

Residential Designs

The main purpose of exterior designing in residential spaces is to enhance the exterior look of the place or increased privacy. This can be done by using fences or plants to block views from the outside, or by using windows and doors that are not easily striking from the outside.

Our Company provides you with unique and fascinating exterior designs for our customers to make their houses elegant and distinctive.

Steps to make residential spaces exterior good;

  • Front door decor
  • Embrace symmetry
  • Lit the exterior with charming lights
  • Use of magnificent colors and textures
  • Use vertically proportioned windows
  • Embellish the exterior with distinctive plants and flowers

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