Commencement Of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is an imminent and arising society in Pakistan’s capital. This project is designed to provide the residents of Islamabad with the latest features and technology at the grand location. This housing community is providing a midway locality between two twin cities with an ultra-modern framework.

The prices of Plots are very reasonable that even a low-budget person can also afford according to his desire. Nova city is likely to go beyond existing projects in Islamabad in the upcoming future.

For investors, Nova city has an uppermost speculation perspective. In the real estate market, Nova city is developing a lot.

Owners And Developers Of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City is the project of Nova city developers. In the real estate market, Nova city developers are very familiar because of their vanquishing enlargements.

The owner of Nova city developers is Mr. Junaid Afzal. Nova city developers are already serving the generation by the presence of a scholastic zone. The educational sectors created by them are running under the name of Nova city school.

The developers of Nova city are operating to generate a housing society in the configuration of Nova city Islamabad. The industrious team of developers is doing their best for the comfort and convenience of residents to provide them with a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle at a reasonable cost. All projects are unorthodox and economical according to international development caliber.

Location Of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is designated on Fateh Jang Road interchange alongside the CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), Rawalpindi Ring Road, and the new Islamabad International Airport. Nova city Islamabad has easy ingress to twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. As this housing scheme has easy access to several areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi it is growing very rapidly.

The location of Nova city Islamabad is also very close to three dams, a huge entertainment center for the residents. The dams are;

  • Rama Dam
  • Sapiala Dam
  • Kasana Dam

The central location of Nova city Islamabad is adjacent to New Islamabad International Airport which is extremely advantageous to businessmen, travelers, and other investors.

Other Approachable Sites To Nova City Islamabad

Nova City housing scheme is situated at prime location and it has undemanding ingress to definite terminuses. It provides an uncomplicated approach to several destinations.

  • Located next to CPEC
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • CPEC– Ring Road Interchange
  • 3 min drive away from Kanial, Rawalpindi
  • 6 min drive away from Bango, Attock
  • 8 min drive off from N-80 Qutbal, Attock
  • 9 min drive out from Dhok Korak
  • 21 min drive off from Islamabad International Airport
  • 25 min drive out from M-2 Motorway, connecting two big cities Islamabad and Lahore
  • 26 min drive off from the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad
  • 31 min drive away from Rawalpindi
  • A few min drive out from Mumtaz City

These are the points that are accessible at a distance of about half an hour from Nova city Islamabad.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) Of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad Interchage Approval

The basic purpose of NOC is to earn the confidence of investors. Nova City Islamabad is an illicitly approved society by perturbed sections. The main focal point of investors in any accommodation community is the approval of NOC from a legitimate unit. The NOC of Nova city Islamabad has been approved by Fateh Jang TMA.

PHATA (Punjab housing and town planning agency) has also proclaimed Nova city Islamabad as a legal housing scheme by accrediting the NOC of the project.

Total Area Acquired By Nova City Islamabad

Nova city Islamabad has a total land of 10,000 Kanal. The developers of Nova city Islamabad will plan to snap up more areas for future development.

How much land of Nova city Islamabad has acquired the approval of NOC?

PHATA (Punjab housing and town planning agency) has approved the NOC for the 970 Kanal area and its letter No is PHATA/W-1/PHS/2021/690. With the approval of NOC, a reliable association has been entrenched between shareholders and initiators.

Nova City Formation Intent

There are plots of two categories in Nova city Islamabad. The first one is commercial and the second one is residential. Commercial plots are exorbitant as compared to residential plots because this area is designed for business purposes.

Residential Plots In Nova City Islamabad

There are residential plots of several categories for residents in Nova city Islamabad.

Residential plots include
  • 5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Nova City Islamabad is providing uneconomical and sumptuous features.

In the residential block, 3.5 Marla is a great opportunity for investors which is affordable. Society has launched 3.5 Marla to grease the investment sight of people with less ration.

The total cost of 3.5 Marla is 1,275,000/-

The booking starts from 127,500/-

The remaining amount will be payable in 40 monthly installments.


The total cost of 5 Marla is 2,750,000/-

The down payment is 590,000/-

Booking and confirmation cost is 295,000/-

The remaining amount will be payable in 40 monthly installments.


The total cost of 8 Marla is 4,040,000/-

The down payment is 810,000/-

The booking and confirmation cost is 810,000/-

Other amounts will be payable in 40 monthly installments.


The total cost of 14 Marla is 6,750,000/

The down payment is 30,875/-

Confirmation and booking cost is 712,500/-

Other amounts will be payable in 40 monthly installments.


The total cost of 1 Kanal is 8,800,000/-

Down payment for 1 Kanal is 1,760,000/-

Confirmation and booking cost is 880,000.

The remaining amount will be payable in 40 monthly installments

Categories Of Commercial Plots In Nova City Islamabad

There is not a wide range of Plots in the commercial area but this area is very advantageous for investors.

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

The total cost of the 4 Marla plot is almost 6 million.

Booking procedure receipts at 1.2 million.


The total cost of 8 Marla plots is 12 million.

Booking procedure receipts at 2.4 million.

The commercial area is not much expensive with a lot of amenities, its prices are kept very low.

Total Commercial Plots In Nova City Islamabad

Nova city Islamabad has a total of 50 commercial plots for commercial investors.

Total Residential Plots

There are a total of 153 residential plots that Nova city Islamabad has.

Blocks In Nova City Islamabad

There have been blocks and sectors in a housing society.

3 residential blocks for residents are available with different plot sizes and the latest accessories.


  • E-Sports Block
  • Pueblo Block
  • Overseas Block

As the name suggests, this block is basically designed for those people who are interested in sports cliques. E-sports block is the latest enterprise taken by Nova city developers.

 The inauguration of this block was held in January 2022. This block is designed very close to the main boulevard of society which is another huge advantage to investors and residents.

  • Jogging tracks
  • Football ground
  • Cricket and Hockey Stadium
  • Tennis courts
  • Gym for both men and women

All facilities are at one site. The residents of this block can enjoy both domestic as well as and international gaming system.


Plots are available in two sizes in the E-sports block that is launched by the developers of Nova city Islamabad.

  • 8 Marla
  • 14 Marla

Pueblo block is the latest block designed for investors who are in search of suitable plot sizes for small families. It is an arresting block that has grabbed the attention of a lot.

This block is located very close to the main gate of the housing scheme. The developers of Nova city Islamabad have launched 3.5 Marla in this block.

It is available at a very low cost for residents and shareholders.


As E-sports block, plots in Pueblo block are also available in suitable sizes.

  • 5 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

The third section of Nova city Islamabad is an Overseas block. This block is the latest and facilitated block specially designed for overseas clients by Nova city developers.

The people who are living abroad can avail this investment opportunity which nova city developers are providing at an affordable cost.

This latest block is recently launched in April 2022. An overseas block is located next to the society’s central park. There have been various types of Plots in this block residential as well as commercial. Area acquired by overseas block has of 400 Kanal.

The residents of this block will be facilitated with a luxurious and up-to-date lifestyle. The unique features of Overseas block are grasping the consciousness of investors.

  • 5 Marla (125 sq. yard)
  • 10 Marla (250 sq. yard)
  • 1 Kanal (500 sq. yard)

Accessories Provided To Nova City Residents

Nova City Islamabad is facilitated with the latest and modern technology.

  • Wide and carpeted roads
  • Walking path along the road
  • Strict security all the time for the safety of residents
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Parks, joy lands, and all amusement centers for children as well as the adults
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Cemetery section in society
  • Eco-friendly section
  • Water distillation plants for filter and soft water
  • Free internet service
  • Schools
  • Colleges for girls and boys
  • Universities
  • Medical colleges
  • Sports clique for outdoor and indoor activities
  • Shopping Arcades
  • Grand Mosque
  • Gated community
  • Lights on roads
  • Banks, Auto teller machines
  • Electricity and Gas
Are you looking for a safe and trustworthy housing society in Pakistan’s capital?

You are at the right place. The great facilitated environment of Nova city Islamabad is waiting for you. Don’t waste your time with wrong and fraudulent societies come and visit Nova city Islamabad and make an investment here. It is a trustworthy project for residents.

Necessary Documents For The Booking Of Plot In Nova City Islamabad

The booking procedure in Nova city is quite easy for which few necessary documents are required.

  • CNIC copy of the applicant
  • 2 passport-size pictures of the applicant
  • CNIC copy of applicant’s successor
  • Overseas CNIC is necessary in case of Overseas customer
  • Bank statements
  • Copy of down payment receipt.

Discount On Plots Prices

10% discount will be given on lump sum payment.

5% relaxation will be given to the customer in case of 50% payment to the total amount

Charges Of Prime Location

10% extra charges will be payable at purchasing the plot at a superior location.

  • Facing a park
  • Corner plot
  • Main boulevard

What advantages you can get if you invest in Nova city Islamabad?

Is it safe to invest in this housing society?

Nova City Islamabad is a housing scheme where your dreams will get a new color and will turn into reality. It is the chance to fulfillment of your fantasy. It is completely secure to invest. The developers have stated this society to be a place of luxurious and adequate lifestyle.

The prices of land are very reasonable, affordable, and even in the range of low-budget people. But it seems that costs will be increased in the incoming future due to its ideal location, modern and latest facilities, and eco-friendly community. It has striking and amazing features.

Terms And Conditions

  • Installments shall be paid before the 10th of each month.
  • Prices of Plots are exclusive of government charges, taxes, and dues.
  • 10% confirmation charges must be paid within 45 days of booking.

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