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Introduction To Tab City

TAB CITY is a contemporary project in Rawalpindi which is under development. It is the latest project with advanced facilities and amenities for the convenience of residents of twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi because it is located at a very feasible location. People of twin cities can easily approach this housing society.

The point of convergence for the developers is to provide the residents with a world-class living standard. This society is expanding to attain the domestic requirements of inhabitants of clone cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Tab city will incorporate contrasting traits to feed the requirements of civil and international Pakistanis.

Society is developing based on the up-to-date and immediate state of the skill framework. Tab city is another virtuous project for Rawalpindi real estate. The developers of Tab city are trying their best to meet the modern needs of residents. They will provide freedom to residents to choose plots of their own choice in both residential and commercial areas.

Tab City Developers

Tab city is a law-abiding project of Tab developers. It’s the first project of TAB BUILDERS related to housing societies. They are acquiring distinction in the real estate market because of their excellent developing skills. Their highly skilled and professional team is doing one’s utmost to make sure the legality of the housing scheme.

They accompany IBC’s (International Builders Corporation) excellence of development which is the most utilized quality in the world. Moreover, these developers are also running several businesses including textiles, perfumes, etc. Tab builders have trustworthy behavior, that’s why investors trust them like blind.

Location Of Tab City

Location is an imminent factor for residence purposes. An investor is consistently looking for a spot that is free from noise and convenient for a residential motive. Some people want to live at the site which is enclosed by the city and some want to live far away from the mob of the city.

Tab city is situated at a place which is according to their desires. It is neither too far from the city nor too close to the city. People can easily approach Islamabad and Rawalpindi city within a few minutes. It is located at a very ideal spot.

The main ideal location of Tab city is at GT (Grand trunk) Road, Rawat. It is computable through Ring Road, Rawalpindi interchange. It is very advantageous to the residents and investors because this is a time-saving route.

The Total Area Covered By Tab City

Tab city has a covered area of 10,000 Kanal. They will give hundreds of Plots to investors and residents with the latest and unique facilities.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) Of Tab City

NOC is the foremost element in any investment scheme. Before investing in any society, the investors make sure that the society is legal and its NOC is approved or not. The first priority of investors is the approval of NOC.

Therefore, the developers have submitted all the required documents that are necessary for the approval of NOC. The process of NOC approval from PP1 is going on. They are working day and night for the acquisition of NOC. It is hoped that the NOC of Tab city will be approved very soon.

Nearby Places To Tab City

The places that are very near to Tab city include;

  • Countryside farmhouses
  • Rawat city
  • Royal village restaurant
  • Islamabad expressway
  • T-chowk
  • Giga Mall
  • Rawat Police station

Facilities And Amenities Provided To Residents In Tab City

The main aim of Tab city developers is to provide the residents with the latest and most luxurious lifestyle. The advanced facilities provided to Residents are grabbing the attention of many people.

There have been reasons for the attraction of investors in Tab city including its amenities and location etc.

Educational Region

EDUCATION is the key factor to living a sensible lifestyle. Tab city will provide its residents with the dominant need for quality educational institutions.

  • schools
  • colleges
  • universities
  • medical colleges
Healthcare Region

HEALTHCARE CENTERS are the basic need of every individual. By taking this crucial need into reflection, the developers of Tab city will provide the best healthcare facilities to the residents.

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories

The Mosque is always a center of attraction among the Muslim majority community.

Tab city will provide its residents with the predominant equipment of the mosque.

Water And Energy Resources

In this era, most people are worried about the entrance of water and Energy resources. It is the dominant requirement of inhabitants. The Tab city developers will make sure of the facile access to water, gas, and electricity.

Sports Arena And Recreational Activities

Giving a healthy and sensible habitat in which the society’s shareholders may occupy is another one of society’s top precedence.

  • Playgrounds
  • Theme parks and holiday parks
  • Zoo
  • Amusement lands
Gated Community

The security system is exceedingly stern in society. CCTV Cameras will be established at various sites to ensure society. Tab city is a gated community with a predicament framework system.

Verifiable Evolution Of Tab City

The focal point of Tab city developers is to bestow the residents with modern and eco-friendly sections.

Plots Categories

Plots are available in various categories in the residential block for residence purposes. You can buy a plot of your own desire at affordable costs.

    • 5 Marla
    • 7 Marla
    • 10 Marla
    • 01 Kanal

Conspicuous Hallmarks Of Tab City

  • Fast internet service
  • Paved and Carpeted roads
  • Jogging and walking paths
  • Space along the road for hikers
  • Boundary wall
  • Underground and secure electric lines
  • Quality development
  • Candelabra
  • Drainage system
  • Best Framework

Payment Plan Of Tab City

The lodging plan gives a number of Plots with an affordable payment plan. Booking starts with a 20% down payment. The Installment schedule is quite reasonable and the duration of the installment plan is 3 years.

Payment Plan Of 5 Marla

The total cost of 5 Marla is 2,275,000/-

The booking starts from a 20% down payment and is nearly equal to 455,000/-

The remaining amount will be payable in the form of installments within 3 years

The monthly installment for 5 Marla is 50,555/-  

Payment Plan Of 7 Marla

The total cost of 7 Marla is 3,080,000/-

Down payment for 7 Marla is 616,000/-

The remaining amount will be payable in the form of installments within 3 years

The monthly installment for 7 Marla is 68,444/-

Payment Plan Of 10 Marla

The total cost of 10 Marla is 4,250,000/-

The booking starts from a 20% down payment and is nearly equal to 850,000/-

The remaining amount will be payable in the form of installments within 3 years

The monthly installment for 10 Marla is 94,444/- 

Payment Plan Of 01 Kanal

The total cost of 1 Kanal is 8,200,000/-

The booking starts from a 20% down payment and is nearly equal to 1,640,000/-

The remaining amount will be payable in the form of installments within 3 years

The monthly installment for 1 Kanal is 182,222/-

Mandatory Papers That Are Required For The Booking Of A Plot

The booking procedure in TAB CITY is quite easy for which few necessary documents are required.

  • CNIC copy of an applicant
  • 2 passport-size pictures of an applicant
  • CNIC copy of applicant’s inheritor
  • Overseas CNIC is necessary in case of Overseas customer
  • Copy of down payment


  • Prices are exclusive of development charges.
  • Prices are exclusive of government dues and taxes.
  • Installments should be deposited on or before the 1st of every month.


Which benefits do you get by investing in Tab city?

There are huge benefits you can get by investing in Tab city. It is a massive opportunity for investors to buy their house at a very feasible and prime location.

 And this society is neither far away nor too close to the city. It will provide its residents with a high-standard lifestyle.

 It is a legal society from various legalized sections. People from all lucrative backdrops can invest in this housing society. The payment plan of this housing society will be launched soon because the society is still under development.

The investors trust the developers of Tab city because of their trustworthy behavior and successful projects. This society is providing opportunities to the people of Rawalpindi to invest and get huge profit.

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